Newsletter #14 April-2020

Extensión de fecha para recepción de diseños (31 de Mayo)

Boletín #14 Abril-2020

Extension of the deadline for MPWS designs reception (May 31st)

To all the designers of the community, we inform you that the deadline for the reception of designs for Multi project Wafer service is extended to May 31st.
Likewise, we invite you to the WEBINAR that will be carried on tomorrow where the topics to be dealt are:
  • Checking of the collaboration agreement between CIDESI and designers.
  • Opening of the VLSI design contest. The selected designs will win future FREE runs.

Free event

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Be part of the FORUM

Be part of the integrated circuit design commnity from Multi-project Wafer. Get to know everything about the VLSI design in Mexico.

More info at

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