Newsletter #19 Jun-2020

Recepción de diseños SOMP

Newsletter #19 Jun-2020
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MPWS receipt of designs

Second run 2020
Multiproyecto (1)
The Multi-project wafer team officialy opens the reception of VLSI designs for the second annual run of the manufacturing multi-project service.
The invite is extended to the interested designers to submit your designs on the web site
The manufacturing service from Multi-project Wafer Has several benefits such as:
  • Low manufacturing cost
  • Chip packing
  • 3 runs per year
  • Ideal prototyped for research and development
  • National service
Visit our WEB site for further information...
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Do you already know the clean room facilities of CIDESI?

We invite you to know the facilities that are located in the microtechnology laboratories where the multi-poject wafer (MPW) is carried out.

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